As a professional online dating photographer, I love creating happy, natural, relaxed-looking photos that make you look great.


Everyone has a story to tell.
Welcome to mine.

I believe that the right photo can tell the world your story, and I’m passionate about making it a great one. A New Yorker by heart and a Californian in spirit. A long career as a Graphic Designer and Art Director plus a lifetime of being an artist informs my online dating photography style.

The artist and designer in me will bring out your unique brand of beauty, while as a photographer I will capture it for the world to see. After ending a long marriage, I spent time looking at online dating profiles and YES! there are a LOT of lame dating photos floating around – blurry, outdated, lost in a crowd, face in a shadow, body cropped out, etc. No wonder people complain about how hard it is to date.

That’s what gave me the idea to do portrait photography for daters. I thought, “Hey! Let’s start with photos that are current, in focus, with you looking happy, sexy, flirtatious, or whatever your goal is… Wouldn’t that be great?” Most of us know that photos matter in online dating. Our looks create initial attraction. 90% of responses are based on your profile photo alone. So, if we know that our looks matter, why do we post photos that say “I didn’t put much thought into this.”

I want to give women and men their best shot at finding love. (No pun intended.) I’m about showing the real you, in your element, doing what you love, looking confident, so will get you more positive attention online and create an authentic connection.

If you are inspired to show the world your best self in your online dating profile, with natural looking photos, contact me and I’ll show you how you can have great profile photos that you can use for dating photos, social media and more.


When I’m not taking photos or making art, I’m doing other things I love: the casual weekend hike or bike ride, dancing, exploring urban culture, practicing Qi Gong and yoga and also making a killer omellette. To view my photography website dedicated to professional headshots and social media photos visit:

Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love. –Rumi