You have 5 seconds to make a great impression

by Jacqueline Neuwirth on June 5, 2018

Your online dating results may be disappointing. We know it’s not the system since it works for many. Instead, take a look at what you are putting on your profile. And the first place to look is your profile picture. Why? This is the first place people look on your profile. It’s the same as  … Read more


Hello Wow Factor!

by Jacqueline Neuwirth on May 28, 2018

90% of online dating responses are based on your profile photos alone. I suspect most of you want a great look that says I am a quality person – warm, friendly, engaging and attractive. This is what your profile pictures needs to show. I want you to literally jump off the page and stand out from the sea of dating photos on  … Read more


Online Dating: How to Get More Responses

by Jacqueline Neuwirth on March 11, 2018

Blurry online dating photos, wearing sunglasses, holding a beer, or behind the wheel of a car. You may have seen them. Or how about the photo of a man ecstatically holding the big one (that’s the huge fish he just caught … keep it clean, people)? Or how about one more duck face? “Next!” 90%  … Read more


Choosing a free or paid online dating app

by Jacqueline Neuwirth on January 27, 2018

Any site that you choose to go on, and follow up on is great. I’m an advocate of anyone you like and feel comfortable with… That’s the most important thing. One challenge with free dating sites is sometimes on the free sites, people aren’t as invested in spending the time to read through profiles as  … Read more