Before you book a shoot with us, you probably want to know what some of our clients are saying about us, right?


Sookyoung, San Francisco

Thank you so much for my photos. I LOVE them!! I really enjoyed working with you. I had such a fun day & you really put me at my ease in front of the camera. Thank you once again, I’ll definitely recommend you to all my friends.


Kurt, San Francisco

Jacqueline is an amazingly talented photographer and rock-solid professional! The shoot was effortless and the photos turned out great. I highly recommend her and her services.

As someone who tends to freeze up in front of cameras, photo shoots can be stressful. But Jacqueline did an awesome job of making the shoot relaxed and effortless. Between shots we chatted about anything and everything, which really helped take my mind off of the camera and just enjoy the moment. As a result, the photos she delivered feel natural and editorial. Looks like I have some new profile pictures for LinkedIn and Instagram!


Katie, Aptos

Jacqueline is Awesome! I was very impressed with her passion, technical skills and personality. She captured the magic of the moment in our photoshoot, and I love how natural my pictures turned out. I had taken professional head shots before, but was really impressed with Jacqueline’s work. With her focus 100% on me, I felt relaxed, at ease and was truly able to enjoy the experience. The result was a group of photos that were the best and most diverse that I’ve seen of myself. Thank you, Jacqueline, for capturing the how I see myself! Also, Jacqueline provides the digital images, which was a very important thing to me. Thank you Jacqueline for some amazing pictures!


Ian, San Diego

I had a photoshoot with Jacqueline recently, and I had a wonderful experience. Not only was the shoot fun and well directed with beautiful surroundings, but the photos themselves turned out fantastic! She is a fantastic photographer, and really captured what I was looking for in the photos. I give my highest recommendation! 5 stars!


Nichole, Los Angeles

Jacqueline is an amazing photographer and an absolute pleasure to work with! I have always struggled to feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. We joked and laughed, and had so much fun! I felt like myself and my pictures reflected this. Thank you so much for my photos. I LOVE them!! I really enjoyed working with you. I had such a fun day! I’ll definitely recommend you to all my friends.


Alka, Oakland

My experience with Jacqueline was so much more than getting a few photos taken. I was surprised at how much fun I had preparing for the session and I loved Jacqueline’s helpful tips in thinking through clothing choices, colors, hair and makeup – it gave me just the prompting I needed to take some time out for myself that day. Really enjoyed that! The session itself was easy and relaxing as Jacqueline draws you in to sharing a bit about what the photos will be used for – she’s a natural at coaching and boosting your confidence – so smiles came very easily 🙂 Her optimism made a mark on me! Lastly – can’t say enough about the quality of the photos – absolutely love how these turned out!


Alan, San Francisco

I worked with Jacqueline for my first professional photo shoot and it was a great experience. Going into it I wasn’t really quite sure what to expect as I’d never had a shoot before, but Jacqueline made it really easy. She made me feel really comfortable and it was like just chatting with a friend the whole time, and, the phots turned out awesome! Thanks Jacqueline!

Sara, Berkeley

Jacqueline created an unforgettable afternoon for my friends and I. We brought our gorgeous selves along with some outfits and makeup. Jacqueline brought all the talent and equipment necessary for a fun fabulous party with stunning results. I’m excited to use her photographs on my social media sites. We think a photo party is a great idea for a birthday but Jacqueline would also be a great addition to any singles event and an important resource for online daters.